Written Commitment to Quality & Safety


Our safety goal is to eliminate all occupational injuries, illness and property damage. To affect this policy, all contracts will be bid in accordance with applicable OSHA rules for preventing incidents, and controlling conditions or actions that could lead to occupational injuries or illness.


Our quality goal is to achieve zero defects in workmanship. To achieve this, all of our work will meet the requirements of the contract documents and be performed in accordance with applicable industry codes. Controlling the quality of our work, our workmanship, means that we understand our responsibilities under the terms of the contract and have the capability to perform and fulfill them because of our resources, knowledge and experience.

Quality Workmanship and safe work practices are part of each employees job requirement.

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SSW Erectors is owned and operated by Benjamin and Flynt Wein. In 2004 these two brothers started Structurally Sound Welding, LLC. Starting out mainly subcontracting welding for steel projects quickly led to word getting around. Fabricators and general contractors wanted these guys putting up the steel on their projects. Ben and Flynt have poured hours, nights and weekends into this company and it shows. In late 2006, SSW Erectors, LLC was started to expand work into New York and to work on larger scale projects. These companies worked side by side during the next few years and in January of 2010 these companies merged and now SSW Erectors is able to service all the needs of steel projects in New England. SSW Erectors has worked hard to establish an excellent reputation and is committed to making it last.

Since SSW Erectors was started in 2006, the company has been developing processes and procedures to ensure safety and quality. In 2009, as part of a desire to excel and not just get by, SSW went through the thorough process of becoming certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC). Additional training and documentation was integrated into our procedures and processes. After an audit in November of 2009, SSW was awarded this esteemed privilege of being a Certified Steel Erector. We are continuing to establish relationships with organizations that will continue to drive us to becoming better. We encourage you to ask around and view our letters of recommendation section on the home page. Find out from others that SSW Erectors is the best!

Letter from the President

To all,

I have been in this business all of my adult life. I have worked at every level, from laborer to supervisor, as a certified welder and a licensed crane operator. It has always amazed me how every steel erection company I worked with, as with any business was focused on making money but very few of them could see the value of quality and safety. I have determined that this company will be different from the stereotypical steel erection company. Over the last several years, in light of the slow economy, we have continued to grow. We constantly strive to enhance our processes for safety, estimating, project management, quality control, and communication. This has been key to our success.

In 2008 we started the process to become a certified steel erector. In late 2009 the American Institute of Steel Construction audited SSW Erectors and I am pleased to say that our auditor was thoroughly impressed. We are continuing to build on this certification and develop better methods that keep us safe, highly qualified and efficient. My goal is to maintain an excellent relationship with each of our customers and to give them the best overall package for their dollar. My company spends virtually no money on advertising. I believe that word of mouth from a job well done and our commitment to quality, safety, and hard work will help us to reach our goal of becoming your #1 choice on bid day. Please consider SSW Erectors on your next steel project and see the difference.

Take a look around our website. On the right hand side you will find recommendations from various people we have worked with in the past. Our membership section lists the organizations that we are currently affiliated with. At the top you can read more anout our company, view an extensive list of the services we provide, browse through pictures of past projects and contact us with questions or comments. Thank you for your time and we look forward to working with you.

Best Regards,
Benjamin W. Wein, President