Service Details

One of SSW Erectors newest acquisitions. A compact, electric crane that fits through doorways, rides freight elevators and navigates through tight spaces. It then transforms to a spider configuration to erect steel or hoist equipment inside of buildings, on rooftops, or function as a standard crane on smaller sized projects.

The Spyder crane is reconfigurable with a boom tip man basket for work at heights, or a glass manipulator for fast and safe installation of engineered glass panel systems.

We purchased this crane primarily for the UVM Medical Center project, but knowing it could be used for so much more. The UVM project required steel erected on the roof of an existing building, too high or out of the way for a traditional crane setup. SSW was able to navigate the crane through the hospital, up the freight elevator, and on to the roof through a man door which enabled us to quickly and safely erect the steel without a sky hook.

 What projects do you have in mind that the Spyder Crane would be perfect for? Let us know.

Projects Utilized

SSW Erectors used their expertise with spyder crane on the following projects: